Welcome to Cutebie.com !

We are a small group of young fashion accessories designers who are obsessed with the little beautiful things such as earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings…

We get inspired from our living, and all products are our in-house designed. We believe we can create high quality products while keeping the prices affordable. Instead of massive marketing promotions and selling in numerous retail stores, we opt for direct online selling and social media marketing. This eliminate the high costs in marketing and middleman charges in the traditional retail chain.

In our blog and online store, you would not find any luxury jewelry but you could find our nicely designed, high quality and price-friendly products.

We call these little cute things “Cutebies”,
which we believe that they can bring passions and inspiration to our living.

" Cute stuffs for better living! "

 Enjoy life!

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For any enquiry, please email to :  sales.cutebie@gmail.com

How to order:

For worldwide customers:

When you check out for your interested products in our webstore, you will input your delivery address. The delivery fee will be added in the order. 
If you would like to have delivery discount, please feel free to email us. We will check with our couriers if your delivery address has any special delivery discounts.

For HK customers:

☆ 購買須知 

1. 如有興趣的貨品, 請於FB messenger發短信 給我們 ,我們會檢查貨量及盡快回覆。

2. 確認購買後,請於2天內入數到本店戶口。

3. 入數後請連同入數紙於FB messenger發短信 給我們給我們,收到款項後我們才會正式落單。

4. 現貨貨品於收到存款及確認訂單後兩個工作天內寄出。
訂貨貨品, 大約7-14天內到貨。

5. 貨品郵寄:

I. 包普通平郵 (買家需自行承擔郵寄風險, 如有寄失, 小店不會補發貨品給客人, 所以強烈建議客人加$30安排掛號 )

II. 順豐首1kg $22 (只限寄工商地區或順豐站自取)

如有任何問題查詢,請隨時與我們聯絡, 本店很樂意為您們服務。